How to Draw a Crystal Snail – Baccarat Style

I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today we will draw a crystal snail. For this we will use a Cretacolors and we will start with the black. The exact list of materials is in the information below the video. We begin by sketching the shell its general shape.

I usually first do a very light line, which is hardly visible, and then once I am happy I go over it harder. Like so. Good! And then the snail itself. Right here. We will do the eyes at about the same height of the shell.

The snail head, and the other eye over here. The tips are rounded. These proportions are not totally realistic as this is going to be a glass sculpture. We do the bottom part of the body … and then we refine the shape.

I think it should be just a little bit shorter. So we erase and correct that. These pencils can be erased, which it is a nice feature. This drawing is going to be very simple, but with a nice effect, I hope!

Now we begin doing the reflections. We start with the dark ones. And they are going to follow, of course, the shape of the masses. Here goes the kind of spiral shape. Most of the masses are rounded.

Imagine the shape of the surface and the reflection more or less should follow that, although of course it can be in different directions too. And now with the white pencil we do the light reflections. This is so fun! And it is fairly easy to do. With just a few touches we can represent the glass, we could almost leave it like this and it would look nice and realistic. But we will go a little further.

By the way, in the near future on this channel, we will have different activities. We will do some live chats and we will also have art contests to which you will be able to participate and win nice prizes! So stay tuned, and I suggest you to activate the notifications, on the main channel page of Fine Art-Tips, so that you get notified when a new video is uploaded. Some of the reflections, both black and white, are very faint and hardly visible … and other ones are very dark. As you see I also projected some of the reflections on the ground.

On the surface. And now we give it some touches with a very light blue. It can hardly be perceived but I want to take off the effect of being just black and white. I do this, lightly, throughout the shell, the snail, and also some on the ground.

Very good! The last touches and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it please give it a LIKE!