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From the Rivers Property in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania, this is Poker Night in America. [MUSIC] >> Welcome to Poker Night in America. I’m your host, Chris Hanson. Well as the night is marching on, our players are starting to see some big hands. And that’s in direct proportion, perhaps, to the number of drinks that are served here at Rivers Pittsburg.

I’ve got to wonder if other professional sports would benefit from the same performance enhancements. Anyway, let’s get to the set and catch up with our athletes. As we get started with day two here are the buy in amounts. It’s a 5k minimum and a 20k maximum online casino bonus. As of right now, Shaun Deeb is buying in for that max of twenty thousand .

[CROSSTALK] >> It hurt like hell around the eyes.

>> I was forced to get drunk because of it. >> Oh, were you? >> Yep. >> You should’ve come as Chucky. >> No action yet, as we’ve folded around to the button. >> I don’t want anyone to think I’m hungover, it’s just really bright in here.

>> This is about the only think I’d want to open a button with. [LAUGH] >> Andrew Hannah folds his button. David Baker folds his small blind, and so now it’s just the big blind and the straddle.

>> That Linda Kenney won $22,000. >> She needs the money. >> Yeah.

>> She only, she gets paid 1,000 bucks an hour. >> And a call from David Eldridge. >> She wanted to take- >> She took a, she took a paycut. >> Yeah. [LAUGH] >> No, no, she got a raise.

>> She got a raise. [LAUGH] >> She said I’m not very good at math. [LAUGH] >> And day two starts with a eight high flop.

Mueller pairs his eight, but Eldridge has a flush draw. [LAUGHING] >> Are you, you don’t realize how lucky my pieces are in the Main. This year I had one person who got like sixtieth and Jay Farber the year before. >> Oh you had a piece of Jay. >> 700 to call. >> Yeah I was like giving him the most coaching.

>> Why didn’t you guys coach better? >> I tried to coach him. He never wanted to be coached.

>> You should of just told him to start shoving when he got down to like 50 million. >> Who’s that? >> He wasn’t gonna out play him. >> Jay.

>> Farber. >> He should turn into a huge gamble fest. >> We’re now up to 3,000 in the blind verses straddle battle. >> Jay just didn’t have the best hands. >> All in. >> It’s so tough to win head’s up.

>> Okay I call. I hope you have a flush draw. >> All-in and a call.

>> Once or twice? >> Twice is fine. >> How good are you? >> That’s what I thought.

>> Nothing like playing a $20,000 pot to get our second day started here at Rivers in Pittsburgh. >> That’s what Phil was hoping to happen. >> Phil, yeah.

[LAUGH] >> This is the Phil Helmuth hand, but instead of an eight, he waited for the queen to come on the flop. [LAUGH] >> Five on the turn. >> Phil usually wins both flips.

>> I’ll bet he doesn’t. >> Yeah? >> No bet, hes pretty, he’s pretty good at these. >> Eldridge is waiting on a heart on the river, he doesn’t get it. >> It’s always good to win the first one. >> Just put these in my stack.

[LAUGHING] >> You’re screwed on the next one. >> I’m not saying I’m not, hey I didn’t put his in my stack. [LAUGHING] >> Eldridge needs to find a heart or a ten. >> Oh no.

>> The turn’s a four. >> Wow! >> How many black cards are in this deck? >> I don’t know. A lot! >> One more.

>> I just want one more. [LAUGHING] >> Yeah, the ten of clubs. >> Can’t you find a heart, one time for the kid? >> Have some heart.

>> Oh! >> And Greg Mueller will double up. Dave Eldridge, one of the local pros here at Rivers Pittsburgh and you do not want to get Greg Mueller loaded up with chips. >> Couldn’t even let him off with 75, aye? What a [BLEEP]. >> But, no.

>> No the king came and she said she put him on ace king. >> Oh, the ten, eight hand? >> Yeah. >> She could have made a nice little river bet though. He might of paid off a bit.

>> Andrew Hanna will raise with Ace Jack to 150. >> That’s about the only hand we’ve seen in the poker room. >> Mueller calls. Eldridge calls. Matt Glantz calls.

They were having issues with that. >> Yeah, the Internet was down. >> Oh you guys were playing in the cash, downstairs? >> As soon as I put my livestream out- >> Who won in cash yesterday? >> Is it me?

>> He did? >> I call that obvious bluff. >> Jennifer Tilly will call from the button.

>> I should actually raise cause [BLEEP], I’m on the button. >> He’s got a kid now. >> Yeah. >> Boy or girl?

>> Boy. >> How old is he? >> Seven and a half months. >> Really?

Aw I bet he’s really cute. >> Yeah he’s awesome. >> Daddy, don’t gamble away my College education. I’m glad I don’t have kids, I would feel too guilty. [LAUGH] >> Yeah, it’s so much better to be, just an nitty, then you can abuse them for weeks. >> King high flop with a couple of clubs.

>> Or just play like a [BLEEP] here and then you can a, then you can just nit it up towards them. >> But it’s tough to make hands though. >> I mean, it’s tough to make the top pair with a queen eight. >> Yeah. And not everybody gets dealt the queen eight on the eight four five deuce flop for 10, for 100 blinds.

>> Well you gotta stick it in first, I mean. >> Oh I mean 200 blinds. [LAUGH] >> I didn’t come here to fold.

>> Likewise. >> Got to get even from Chinese somehow. >> I’m already even. I’m up from yesterday. >> Yeah sure. You were gonna see them anyways.

[LAUGH] >> Here comes the rest of Glantz’s chips. And now a call. >> I only got one set. >> Nit veruse nit.

>> Guess I need a king. >> You’re live. [LAUGH] >> Twice?

>> I only got once. >> Twice? Matt? >> Are you coming, if I made it like 900? >> I always go once, always. >> Pre flop?

>> Yeah. >> Ah I would of four bet. >> Yeah.

[LAUGH] >> Great card for you, Matt. >> A miss for Glantz on the turn. >> Great card. >> And a miss for Glantz on the river. >> How much you got Gav? >> Four thousand seventy five.

>> So we stared the hand with two hands and two double-ups here at our table at Rivers Pittsburg. >> You ready to start drinking with me, what’s your name again, Andy? >> It’s Andrew. >> Andy, Andrew. >> Yeah.

>> You don’t ever get called Andy? >> I don’t mind. >> Queens and a re-buy for Matt Glantz. >> Get this out of my little sun spot here. Okay. >> Are you buddies with that other guy too, Asher, or did you just meet him here?

>> They both live in the same city. >> We both live in Brigantine, yeah. >> But so you already knew him before you came here. >> Yeah yeah.

>> 900. >> I golfed at Brigantine Golf Course. >> I’ll say the same thing I said to Phil Hellmuth. I don’t know why anybody would golf that golf course. That’s the windiest [BLEEP] city in America.

>> I know. When you’re in Atlantic City, you know you just do whatever. >> I actually, we are renting a house right on the golf course.

>> Oh really? >> Yeah. >> It’s not a bad course, I didn’t mind it. Had fun.

The, there’s a Trump golf course somewhere nearby that I played, that was really nice. >> I just recently played a really nice course down there. >> At Brigantine? >> Have a feeling it’s about to get more expensive and here we go, Matt Glantz is all in with queens.

>> I’m all in. >> And now a quick shove from Jennifer Tilly. >> Matt you got any more of those 5k chips in your pocket? [LAUGHING] >> And three hands in a row, we’re going to have players all in.

>> You had sixes? >> That’s not good for you Matt. >> Oh. >> That is good for him. >> Don’t do it, don’t do it. >> Wow he just doubled his out.

>> I need a three. >> Bakes had ace ten. Down to three outs. >> Three outs. >> I need three of clubs.

>> Zero outs. >> Zero outs? >> Give me one fifty. >> Oh yeah, cuz I have a boat. >> Throw a hundred this way.

>> A hundred? >> And I think it’s safe to say that Matt Glantz is running kind of bad. We’ve seen three hands, we’ve seen three all ins.

More action When we come back. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online.

>> Welcome back to Poker Night in America from Rivers, Pittsburgh. Let’s get back to the table. Here’s the movement of the money around the table. Matt Glantz already in for a couple of buy-ins and David Eldridge doubled up Greg Mueller early on.

Gavin Smith, Greg Mueller and Jennifer Tilly are our biggest winners so far. >> Any money I find on the floor I’m giving to Kerry, so. [LAUGHING] >> Very friendly group here, day two at Rivers Pittsburgh.

>> That was a good one. Straddle, I’m going to call. Oh, that was a tell. [LAUGH] My mouth said tell them, my hands said fold. >> My mouth’s a tell.

[LAUGH] >> Okay. >> so its 100 only? >> Bad hand.

[LAUGH] >> Yeah, she did say call. >> She tried to trick us. >> Yeah. >> I thought I was the one drinking. [LAUGH] >> I haven’t even started. The caffeine is just kicking in.

I’m happy now. I’m really happy I wasn’t playing Chinese with this one last night. >> She’s in for 100?

>> Your credit’s always good. >> You raised to four? Is that allowed? >> You only made it a hundred, you said I call.

>> I did? >> It’s only a hundred to you to call. [LAUGH] >> I want to save some money.

Oh, no I didn’t. I know what I have. Okay, I can play these cards. They’re good. They’re under the gun cards. That’s all I’m saying.

Okay. >> Well that all depends on which one of us your talking to. [LAUGH] >> I don’t even know what that means. [LAUGHING] >> I’m not a hunter.

>> Alrighty then. >> Yeah right, you smell the blood. >> Not from make up yesterday.

>> It’s an all spade flop and Mueller’s got the nut flush draw. >> I’m never doing that again. That was a pain. >> I’m sure you’ll have a lot of offers to do that. >> It was a pain in the ass to take it off. >> You still have some on.

>> Yeah. It’s, it’s hard to get it all off. I’ve spent like a lot of time on it, too. It’s brutal around here. >> Glantz. >> It hurt so- [LAUGHING] >> It hurt so bad when I got in the eyes, like it was unbelievable how much [BLEEP] hurt in the eyes.

>> Another queen comes on the turn as we’re heads up with Tilly and Mueller. 2,000 to bet from Tilly, and that’ll be enough to get rid of Mueller. >> Things get serious, get serious when the pumpkins come out. >> Yeah.

The pumpkins are are always out, but. [LAUGH] >> Sometimes when you play with the big boys, you gotta step up your game. What did you say Baker?

>> Deeb says if you can find three hands that you can beat, you have to call. >> Wow, that’s, my philosophy hasn’t been working so well for me. >> No, your philosophy is if you can find one hand you can beat. [LAUGHING] >> I make it three hundred, cause four hundred isn’t making people fold, so I might as well save money. To the inevitable squeeze play.

>> I need to figure out how to get this card in front of this camera. >> I like to play cards- >> You’re a tight ass too. >> I like to play cards- >> Except for when I raise under the gun, you have king 3 suited, then you’re not. >> That was his advertisement play, he just locked it up after that.

>> Yep, locking up the 3k loss. [LAUGH] >> And aces for Greg Mueller. >> There it is. >> I hope we didn’t give you an idea when I said that, you know.

>> Yeah, he’s never thought of this before. >> Greg’s never thought about re-raising. >> Without that, he just would have called. >> And my call. >> It’s usually good to re-raise when you’re in the small blind. >> This is actually the first he’s ever three bet from the small blind I’ve ever seen.

[LAUGH] >> Its just, it’s just call it there. >> This is, this is one of the 17%. >> I don’t know if you saw his hat?

>> Oh, man. >> How’s your 100% looking? >> I goated you into that. You were gonna just call until I goated you into that. >> I’m tightening up my range. >> And it ooks like the only player he’s gonna get action from might be Shaun Deeb.

>> Have aces or worse. >> And I don’t think Shaun Deeb has ever met a flop he didn’t wanna see. >> We need to do our shots. >> You ready yet? >> I think after the break, after lunch.

>> Golly. >> So a Phil was in game, the yesterday at Commerce, or two days ago. And he, he said, he said Stan he says, I’m waiting for aces. >> This is a great line. >> And then he said a, you a, somebody said you’re not gonna. All you’re gonna play is aces?

He goes, no, I’ll play other things while I wait for them. >> Phil is funny. >> I mean don’t take this the wrong way. I happen to think Phil is some kind of idiot savant. I happen to think he’s some kind of evil genius.

>> And he is raising in the wrong spot. >> I think so too. >> All in.

>> Call. >> Once, or twice. >> Holy [BLEEP]. >> You have an ace?

>> Mueller showed his aces, but the table doesn’t know what Shaun Deeb has. >> That’s what I get for trying this move. I was going to rep the aces. >> Do you have a straight draw at least?

>> That’s good news. >> Not, well, depends on what comes. >> Give us something to sweat. >> Shaun what is it? >> I like, I like to torture. >> Turn them over.

I said, just turn them over. Let’s just play like how I play, turn them over. >> Yeah, cuz you have aces.

>> I just turn them over whatever it is. >> Sevens. >> And I guarantee you Shaun Deeb hates the fact that he showed those sevens pre flop because he would love to slowly roll them over on Greg Mueller at the end of this hand. >> Not my flop. >> I feel like this is going to be a chop.

>> Oh. >> Whoa. >> Once. >> Are you gonna make a straight? >> Straight on a bottom for sure.

>> Let’s take out an all in post flop with- >> Eight, nine, ten, jack, queen. Eight, nine, ten, jack. >> Oh, it’s brutal. >> I got some back doors.

>> What? >> Eight. >> So, Deeb sets up on the first board and bricks the second. So, they will chop this one. >> Da-ba-dee.

>> More poker from Rivers Pittsburgh, when we return. >> Closed captioning is brought to you as a public service by Poker Night in America. >> Welcome back to Poker Night in America. Let’s return to the felt. >> It’s all right, I’ll blow 900. >> Poker Night in America is brought to you by 888 Poker, where the world plays online.

We continue our 25 50 blind no limit cash game here at Rivers in Pittsburgh. >> Three in a row. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> I think we’re shooting in Aspen next week, right? Something like that? >> Actions on Andrew Hannah.

>> I wait until I can get something remotely playable. >> If you buy in for 20,000, you get more playable hands. >> You know, I still play it.

I still play with like six hands already that were total bull[BLEEP]. Just, trying to- >> Forcing it. >> Yeah but I mean.

Can’t help it. >> Yeah but when you play like a man, just shove that you want. >> I did. >> And a suited gap connectors will go up against Greg Muellers pocket jacks. >> You could’ve shoved that one hand on me, probably would of called.

>> Two queens? I had two fives. What about the hand before, what’d you have on that one?

>> What? >> What’d you have the hand before? >> Did you have like king, jack? >> Five four.

>> I flopped a straight draw. >> Huh? >> I had an open ended straight draw too. >> Really?

Two three? >> Seven six clubs. >> Oh my God.

I had you beat. >> You’ve probably never played with me before but, nines is a pretty good hand. [LAUGH] >> A bet and a quick call. >> I just don’t want you thinking that you know- >> I had eight six.

>> I don’t want you thinking I have zero game, you know? >> I had you mangled. >> Yep. >> The turn is a five of hearts. That gives Hanna now a couple more outs with a straight draw.

But some of those outs have gone away because Mueller picks up a flush draw. >> Dave, you need to shut the [BLEEP] up. [LAUGHING] >> Just out of no where. >> I can help you out with that.

[LAUGHING] >> The most obnoxious nit you’ll ever play with. >> Definitely tight. >> Huh? >> You’re definitely tight.

>> I thought you were going to say definitely obnoxious. [LAUGHING] >> Naw, I enjoy him. >> We all do, that doesn’t change.

[CROSSTALK] >> He could sit behind the table and entertain us just as much as sitting at the table. >> We wanted to play eight handed anyway, what’s the difference? [LAUGH] >> I get two buttons, it’s only fair.

>> So here comes the river. It’s another ten. >> Okay, that hurts, man.

>> It’s the only guy that Kessler could tag in and loosen the game up. [LAUGHING] >> Hey, tight is right, seriously. You guys will learn some day. >> After Hanna’s checked Mueller fires 2100.

>> Won WPT player of the year. [LAUGH] >> Super tight that year. >> And a call from Hanna.

>> Nice hand, man. >> I missed everything. I didn’t know what was happening cuz I missed the talk to the players. Cuz I was getting my hair done. >> Well, let’s see what David Baker decides to do here with ace-queen, he raises to 200.

>> Baker only plays under the gun. >> It’s no big deal if we- [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] >> Well, not so new. >> I’m gonna call, cuz I have the actual button, the old button. >> The old button.

>> Playing 13, 4,000. >> We’ve got millions of dollars worth of career winnings around the table, World Series of Poker bracelets, WPT Championships, Oscar nominees, all sitting at the same table here on Poker Night in America. >> No loose, no tight play here.

>> Would I have played the hand? >> Yes. >> He might have raised the hand.

>> Sure pal. >> The flop comes queen high with a couple of clubs, so let’s review, David Baker is ahead, ODB’s got top pair, top kicker. Dave Eldridge and Jennifer Tilly both have flush draws. >> Now you guys tell me I’m playing tight, check this out.

Huh? >> But you folded the flop, so you are playing pretty tight. >> 200 before the flop with that hand. >> 150 more. >> Still.

>> I’m a cannon. >> Dominating with that short stack. >> You’re a great tournament player. [LAUGH] >> One point five value for the World Series. >> That’s it? >> Hush.

>> Was it 1.5 or 2? >> Hush, hush. >> What is that, I don’t even know. >> Well, we discussed this in Maryland and then he went and airballed the [BLEEP] World Series. >> Aah.

I was gonna go all in and now I can’t. >> Now I will just save money and fold. >> You know sometimes you don’t win, it happens.

>> Happens to a lot of people. >> So Eldridge has got all of his chips in the middle with the draw, and he gets a call from David Baker. >> Once twice?

>> You call it I don’t care. >> Twice, I have to at least hit one flush. >> So far tonight none of the flush draws have come home, David Eldridge looking to be the first to do so. >> All the clubs are gone. >> Alright so here.

I’m sure, I’m sure you’re gonna make it once with the straight, once with the flush. >> I think I had a flush. [LAUGH] >> Two pair. >> Are you guys doing twice? >> Oh.

>> Seven, seven. >> Or Jack. >> You’re good at figuring out the outs, eh Gav. >> Seven. >> He didn’t realize the jack I don’t think.

>> No, I want the seven to come, I’m rooting for a specific card. >> Hold on, what about the jack? >> I want the seven to come. I’m rooting for a specific card. >> But you want the jack cuz then he gets the seven the next street. >> Why are you rooting for him?

Ass[BLEEP] >> You’re right. Three. >> No, how about a six? >> Of clubs? >> Jack. [APPLAUSE] >> All right, so Eldridge does it the hard way by going runner, runner straight.

>> Nobody saw the jack. >> You can take that back. You’re good. [LAUGHING] >> I won’t do that. [LAUGHING] >> Oh wow.

>> We did predict the straight. >> Now he’s definitely making a flush. >> Seems likely. >> Did you deal online before, Micheal? [LAUGHING] >> Now, let’s see if David Baker can keep the chop.

>> Okay. >> I’m not calling the card this time. >> Wait.

Okay, go. [LAUGH] >> Oh. >> And the flush finally comes and Dave Eldridge is going to scoop this pot.

>> This guy just flopped. You have a hater in the crowd there, he doesn’t- >> The locals. He doesn’t like Dave Baker. >> Dave Baker, do you want that shot now, should we do the shot now?

>> Yeah. >> When we return, we’ll have fun mocking the players who have lost the most money so far. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by

Where the world plays online. >> Welcome back to Rivers, Pittsburgh, this week’s stop on Poker Night in America. And here’s the updated chip count, where we sit on Day 2. There’s Jennifer Tilly, who has made the most money at our table tonight, $13,000. Shaun Deeb, a respectable $5,000 win book here tonight. And Greg Mueller got active and got paid a $6400 profit.

Dave Eldridge, welcome to Poker Night in America. For more from Poker Night in America, log on to POKERNIGHT.COM or find us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube where you can see complete episodes and unedited livestreams. Also be sure to check out our online store for Poker Night shirts, hats, hoodies and more. For everyone here at Poker Night in America, I’m Chris Hanson. >>I think it was Gavin. They call me Smashley.

I guess he started it and now that’s just pretty much what they all call me. >> Where the hell did Smashley go? >> Smashley’s the waitress. >> Yep.

Here she comes. Here she comes. >> Smashley! >> She’s here. >> Smashley! >> Smashley, I’m going to need another one of these suckers.

>> Smashley, can I get… >> Another drink? >> Yeah. Can I… You give me any fives?

Can you bring some fives? >> Gavin orders a lot of drinks. He keeps, he keeps me busy, but it’s kind of a good thing.

So, I’m not just standing there. He’s probably the most active one. >> Two greyhounds Smashley.

>> Two greyhounds? >> Yeah. >> Poker Night is brought to you buy 888poker.